Zac Littleberry

The Homepage of Zac Littleberry

I'm a Pittsburgher focused on open source and for-good web development, using my abilities to better my community.

Places I've Worked


I'm running my own company doing consulting and development in decoupled systems, specializing in Ionic/Angular, NodeJS, and JWT auth.

The Linux Foundation

Started working on drupal, then worked on ionic/angular.

Arsenal Studios

Worked on drupal, angular, and wordpress

Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Worked in Drupal. rebuilt sites. information architecture. maintainable sites. etc.

Things I'm Currently Working On


A non profit project to help connect good landlords and good tenants and improve the community. I want to help promote housing as a human need, not an economic good.

Building a Touch Smart Mirror

I wanted to build a smart mirror using a raspberry pi and an extra monitor, but I also wanted to make it touch enabled so I could interact with it.

Things I've Written

Installing Keycloak with Digital Ocean Managed Postgres